In the ever-growing Egyptian film market, independent films have to fight the onslaught of commercial films struggling to reach their audience. Releasing non-commercial films has become a foreign concept for the majority of distributors in Egypt, who regularly reject non-commercial films whether Egyptian or international.

With a growing number of independent narrative and documentary film productions, and the local distributors’ continuing focus on commercial films, the gap between independent filmmakers and their audience widened. As the art scene thrives in Egypt, the appetite for art-house and independent films has grown with a rare few catering to it.

Zawya Distribution aims to create an alternative distribution model bridging the gap between art-house films and their audience through targeted and encompassing strategies. Zawya Distribution works to give films a long shelf life, traversing past the theatrical release, with a strong exhibition on TV channels, VOD and other ancillary forms of distribution including non-commercial releases.


Ahmed Sobky
Head of Distribution

Nawara Shoukry
Head of Cinema

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Ehkeely (Let's Talk)
by Marianne Khoury
Synopsis: A mother and her daughter explore together four generations of women from the same family, an Egyptian family, originally from the Levant, a family where life and cinema have always been, an......

Zahret Al Sabbar (Cactus Flower)
by Hala Elkoussy
Aida (33) is a struggling actress from a provincial background. She finds herself on the streets of Cairo along with her neighbour Samiha (70), a reclusive bourgeois. With no money and nowhere to go, ......

Ana Al Shaa'b (I am the People)
by Anna Roussillon
January 2011 in Egypt was marked by anti-government demonstrations. While tens of thousands of protestors gathered in Cairo, poor villagers in the country’s south followed the tense situation on Tahri......

Seif Tagreeby (Experimental Summer)
by Mahmoud Lotfy
Both Mahmoud and Zeinab join in the search for the original version of an Egyptian film that was made back in the 1980s, all copies of which were confiscated for unknown reasons by the government film......

Al Nessour Al Sagheera (Little Eagles)
by Mohamed Rashad
Mohamed, the son of a modest worker, lives in Alexandria and dreams of moving to Cairo to become a filmmaker He gets to know Salma and Bassam, in whom he feels he has found what he lacked in himself.......

20 September ( A Present from the Past)
by Kawthar Younis
Mokhtar, a filmmaking professor, receives an unexpected gift on his 75th birthday from his daughter Kawthar, a filmmaker in her early twenties. With two plane tickets to Rome, they set out in search ......

Um Ghayeb (Mother of the Unborn)
by Nadine Salib
In a forgotten corner of Egypt lives a woman who is yearning for a child. Having no option but to live on the fringe of her community because of her infertility, Hanan lingers between a dream that is ......

Barra Fel Share' (Out on the Street)
by Jasmina Metwaly - Philip Rizk
Nine men gather for a workshop on a rooftop. There they perform confrontations of everyday life, with the police and at the workplace. In the process, the actors engage a space between the theatrica......

Gaye El Zaman (The Past Will Return)
by Dina Hamza
When my father passed away in 2010 I felt extreme loneliness, to the extent that suicidal thoughts prevailed. But I decided to live and and try to find an exit within my household from this loneliness......

Odet El Feran (The Mice Room)
by Hend Bakr, Mohamad El Hadidi, Ahmed Magdy Morsy, Nermeen Salem, Mayye Zayed, Mohamed Zedan
Six different characters roaming in Alexandria along with their fears. Amr comes back to meet his father in his death bed, not sure how he can speak up and show his true feelings. Moussa spends his da......

Moug (Waves)
by Ahmed Nour
It was in the extraordinary city of Suez that the Egyptian revolution was born. Ahmed Nour, the 30-year-old Suez-born film-maker, invites audiences to share his perception of five special periods of h......

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