Those Who Remain

Directed by Eliane Raheb
Documentary | Lebanon, U.A.E | 2016 | Arabic | English subtitles | 95 min

Cairo Cinema Days
Al Shambouk is one of the highest mountainous areas in Lebanon. It is located in the Akkar heights, and is only a few kilometers away from Syria. It is the homeland of Haykal, a 60-something-year-old Christian farmer. In this geographical spot, where borders intersect, along with different religious factions and social classes, Haykal decided to settle down and build a farm and a restaurant. He is also building his own home. On a daily basis, Haykal deals with the dust coming from the neighboring quarries and the agricultural stagnation, in addition to the sectarian tensions and the repercussions of the Syrian crisis on the political and economic situation. Simultaneously, Haykal feels that his role is more significant than ever: he must remain in his land, and sustain his own project. He has to actually defend coexistence in Lebanon with his own hands that are never too tired to work on the land that he loves.