Duo for Two Missing Persons

Directed by Rabih Mroué
| Lebanon | 2013 | English | 9 min

Cairo Cinema Days 2
In Duo for Two Missing Persons, the filmmaker asks: could dance act as a conduit between life and death? The video traces the artist’s interest in mass graves and the grisly reality that, in such situations, bones must, by default, mix with each other, in a sort of macabre dance of disjointed bodies. To illustrate this, he mapped the number of possible combinations that two dismembered bodies could be reassembled into and sent it to a choreographer friend, asking him to use it as inspiration. The resulting choreography, which calls for painstakingly slow, continuous movement, manifests the stillness of death meeting the animation of life.The film draws on the artist’s background in theatre and performance, while illustrating the forensic-like method of investigation he shares with postwar Lebanese artists.